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Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake - Food Gypsy

Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake

Smooth, dark and super rich, this Chocolate Espresso Truffle Cake is a slab of pure chocolate heaven. It's also flourless so there's no pesky carbohydrates, and it's gluten free. Just a few simple ingredients you probably already have: butter, sugar, chocolate, espresso and eggs, it's temptation in it's purest form. You've been warned.
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Cuba, Havana, coffee - Food Gypsy

Three Cups of Coffee – Mornings by Food Gypsy

More than caffeine, coffee is a morning ritual for me. The smell of it, the way it fills the room with a warm, heavy aroma. In my travels through Central America, I thrilled each morning to wake up to some truly outstanding coffee. Of the many, three stand out in my mind...
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