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Eggshell seeding - Food Gypsy

Eco-seedlings in the Gypsy Kitchen

Dirt eggs, earthy, with a side of grit. No, we're not eating them, but we'll be enjoying lovely stuffed squash blossoms by June, and prefect little gourdes come harvest time. This is one of three eco-friendly indoor starting methods I'm trying this year for eco-seedlings. The eggshells will contain the seedlings in a tiny cocoon as stalks harden and tender roots grow.
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Occupy the Garden - Food Gypsy

Occupy the Garden

Critics can say what they like about the rise in status of the food industry in our society, to my mind it has given voice to some of the most dangerous people on the planet; chefs, cooks and farmers. They’ve turned us on to new tastes, brought us back into the kitchen, championed Slow Food and local produce. Many have been sounding a call to action, blocking GMO seeds, refusing to serve endangered species and going head-to-head with corporate backed policy makers. I plant a garden.
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Sprouting Chickpeas, Day 3 - Food Gypsy

Sprouting in the Kitchen

Sprouting chickpeas? Really?! In the Gypsy Kitchen? Oh yeah, we're spouting chickpeas, because it's fun. Nothing I like more than growing things then eating them. When we talk about food in terms of fuel and energy think for a moment about the amount of energy that a seed produces to grow. Sprouting increases the protein, essential amino acids, enzymatic activity, vitamins, and fiber content.
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