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Moroccan Inspired Lamb Shanks - Food Gypsy

Moroccan Inspired Lamb Shanks

Cooked low and slow, until they're fall off the bone tender, Moroccan Inspired Lamb Shanks is comfort food at it's midwinter best. Warmly spiced and heavily sauced with rich, meaty intensity. There was a time when farmers couldn't give shanks away, but now with a resurgence of…

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Sprouted hummus, raw - Food Gypsy

Sprouted Hummus Recipe

Hummus is the Arabic word for chickpea. One of the oldest foods on the planet, hummus dates back to ancient Egypt. what can we offer that is a new twist on an ancient food? Sprouted Hummus. Double the protein and 20 - 30 times the nutritional value. Take that Cleopatra.
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