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Closson Chase, Sampling - Food Gypsy

The Wines of Prince Edward County

On this Wino Wednesday we tell a tale of vines in the new world and Canada's newest breakout wine region, Prince Edward County.  As the winter droned on into what should have been the beginnings of spring, we loaded up for an…

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East & Main, Chef B & a great meal - Food Gypsy

East & Main Bistro, Local-icious

A darling little gem in Bloomfield, Ontario offering seasonal fare, locally sourced, East & Main Bistro is a dining experience for even the most discerning of appetites. We are not picky eaters, and when I say we I really mean me, I'm a simple girl at…

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Henry Willis, Humble Bread - Food Gypsy

The Humblest of Breads

Humble Bread is the passion project of Henry Willis and Natalie Normand.  Their farm based bakery, on the crest of a hill in the heart of Ontario's Prince Edward County, resides in a hip-roofed red barn over 140 years old.  "The barn was in…

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Georgs Kolesnikovs, Head Cheese - Food Gypsy

#TGCCF – It’s Great, It’s Canadian & It’s Cheesey

There's cheese, and then there's great cheese, and then there's great Canaidian cheese, band a bunch of artisnal Canuk cheese makers together and you have The Great Canadian Cheese Festival (#TGCCF) June 1 - 3, 2012 in Picton, Ontario. The single largest exhibition of Canadain artisan, farmstead and specialty cheese from coast to coast.
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