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Softening Brown Sugar - Food Gypsy

How to soften brown sugar

Tip #37 from my grandmother's kitchen - how to soften brown sugar when it's become a hard, unusable mass. The brown sugar is neglected for a little while, we lift the lid and it's hard as a rock. All it needs is a bit of moisture to bring back that soft, scoop-able freshness.
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How to make tamales - Food Gypsy

Mexican Quickies – How to Tamale

In Mexico, every cook has her own tamale recipe, her own sauce, her own masa mix, her own flavours. I didn't get any family secrets from Juantia (who bore holes though me with her icy stare), but Gleacelda galdly gave me a few moments of instruction in how to make tomales in her (pretty darn good) English. I kept up with my extraordinarily bad tourista Spanish/action charades.
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