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Michael Shannon (aka: The Grateful Griller), Food Gypsy

A Grateful Griller Christmas

Once upon a time, a nice boy from Quebec, went shopping for a barbecue (went way over budget) and came home with a the Kamado Cooker. That was ten years and 20+ grills ago, now Michael Shannon (aka: The Grateful Griller) drags heavy, dome shaped grills to your house for a full party experience so you don't have to. (But if he has anything to say about it... you will!) So what would this uber griller suggest for the grilling obsessed this Christmas?
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Chez Edgar, Beignets - Food Gypsy

Chez Edgar – A Little Gem

Lovely Lemon Beignets and sassy sandwiches, Chez Edgar is a little gem in Gatineau, Quebec. The kitchen consumes most of the square footage, with eleven inside covers and seating for ten on the patio, it’s easy to see why take-out is a must. It’s tight and homey, kind of quirky and immediately appealing. Much like the food.
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