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Macaron Hollandais - Food Gypsy

A Lesson In Macaron – Macaron Hollandais

This weekend the chef in my life whipped up a batch of Macaron Hollandais, as easily as I might knock off a dozen chocolate chip cookies. He has a way of making even the most daunting of recipes appear effortless, as I sit wide-eyed soaking up every nuance, asking stupid questions (so you don't have to). Here's his best tips for success...
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Créme Caramel - Food Gypsy

Créme Caramel – Classic Simplicity

Créme Caramel done well is rich, creamy and smooth. When inverted, a sweet layer of liquid caramel oozes over the sides and runs on to the plate to form the perfect puddle of sticky goodness to counter the cool, sweet custard. It might be a bit of a daunting dessert to try - until now. All you need are a few simple steps and a little respect for the boundaries of this delicate flan.
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Cherry Clafoutis with White Chocolate - Food Gypsy

Cherry Clafoutis with White Chocolate

A little twist on a French classic, Cherry Clafoutis with White Chocolate made with the last of the summer cherries, the swan song of summer. It won't be long before we're awash with pumpkins and apples as the kids head back to school and sweaters emerge from storage. But let's not talk about that, let's stay with summer a little bit longer and chat about cherries.
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