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Pulled Pork Po Boy - Food Gypsy

Pulled Pork Po Boy

The Pulled Pork Po Boy is like spicy, saucy bacon-y goodness on a nice chunk of French bread. In Louisiana, Po Boy sandwiches come in a couple different flavours; there’s fried, featuring battered shrimp, crawfish or oysters and then there’s pulled, featuring pork, cooked low, slow and saucy.
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Thai Fried Rice with Egg - Food Gypsy

Thai Fried Rice with Egg

Fried Rice is typical vegetarian food in Thailand - packed with crisp vegetables, a hint of pineapple a dash of chili and topped with a fried egg. The yoke then spills into the rice making it creamy and rich, on top of all of that tangy, tasty, spicy rice.
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Lamb Vindaoo - Food Gypsy

Lamb Vindaloo Recipe

Yes, it's spicy. Lamb vindaoo is a spicy Indian stew and a favorite in most curry houses, where you'll often find it with added potatoes. No potatoes here my friend just tangy, spiced lamb marinaded and cooked to perfection.
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