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The Whalesbone, St. Simone Oysters - Food Gypsy

The Whalesbone Oyster House – “Surprise!”

Known in Ottawa as THE maritime-hillbilly, loud and rowdy, tiny postage-stamp-sized place with the morals of a sailor and the ethics of a librarian; The Whalesbone Oyster House is a downtown haven for seafood lovers, with a heart. All Canadian, sustainably sourced, Ocean Wise, and the venue of choice for a little surprise...
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Chef Crawford`s hands, Ruby Watchco (

These Hands with Chef Lynn Crawford

In our recent conversation I asked Chef Lynn Crawford about the two tattoos in the center of her palms. "Why does everyone want to know about my tattoos!?" she says with an undertone of exasperation, but she is kind and indulges me. Forgive the question Chef but we, your people, want to know more about you - and your hands.
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Feeding the Dragon – A Lucky Lunch

Among the things I find interesting about the culture of cuisine is the underlying symbolism behind food and no where is that more relevant than in Asia. Some call it superstition and cast it aside but I have long enjoyed the interpretation it brings to the kitchen, the table and the daily practice of feeding ones self; body, mind and spirit.
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Lucky Charms, T&T Supermarket - Food Gypsy

T&T Supermarket – “OH WOW!”

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it was time for a family outing to the local T&T Supermarket for authentic Asian ingredients and an infusion of new ideas for the Gypsy Kitchen. Decked out in it's new year finery, with colorful lanterns hanging overhead, T & T…

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Chef B & caviar - Food Gypsy

A Beginners Guide to Caviar

Often we try things without the benefit of good advice and then wonder why we're so underwhelmed. That is the experience many first timers have with caviar then they stand there saying "what's the big deal?" Consider this your personal guide to caviar with Chef Benoit Gelinotte's Caviar Do's and Dont's or, as I like to call it; The Gospel of Caviar According to Chef B So you can get it right the first time (or the next time).
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Michael Shannon (aka: The Grateful Griller), Food Gypsy

A Grateful Griller Christmas

Once upon a time, a nice boy from Quebec, went shopping for a barbecue (went way over budget) and came home with a the Kamado Cooker. That was ten years and 20+ grills ago, now Michael Shannon (aka: The Grateful Griller) drags heavy, dome shaped grills to your house for a full party experience so you don't have to. (But if he has anything to say about it... you will!) So what would this uber griller suggest for the grilling obsessed this Christmas?
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Chez Edgar, Beignets - Food Gypsy

Chez Edgar – A Little Gem

Lovely Lemon Beignets and sassy sandwiches, Chez Edgar is a little gem in Gatineau, Quebec. The kitchen consumes most of the square footage, with eleven inside covers and seating for ten on the patio, it’s easy to see why take-out is a must. It’s tight and homey, kind of quirky and immediately appealing. Much like the food.
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BeaverTails, Killaloe Sunrise - Food Gypsy

Bits, Bites & BeaverTails

A Canadian original since 1976, BeaverTails got their start in our nation's capital, Ottawa, Ontario and are now served in three countries; Canada, the USA and Sudia Arabia. Heck, thery're so big they've got a Wikipedia page, even President Obama's enjoyed a BeaverTail. So how is it that this fried dough pastry has eluded this Canadian gal?
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